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Accomsiam Co., Ltd. Thailand Travel Management



ACCOMSIAM CO., LTD has rapidly grown to become a truly outstanding collection of SME, independently-owned hotels. With worldwide destinations ACCOMSIAM CO., LTD provides the ultimate in accommodations for the discerning guests. Collectively, our hotels are linked by a common thread of excellence and by a passionate commitment to deliver hospitality of outstanding quality.


Joining the ACCOMSIAM CO., LTD brand and you can tap into a wealth of opportunities by harnessing global marketing power which will maximizes the profit potential of your hotel. Boost your competitive edge with worldwide exposure and great marketing support when you become a ACCOMSIAM CO., LTD & Solution hotelier.


ACCOMSIAM CO., LTD, now offers complete brand representation in all market segments without the costs & requirements of franchise brand affiliation. Unlike expensive franchises, ACCOMSIAM CO., LTD & Solution’ fee structure is based upon reservations delivered, with no long term agreement.


We are here to increase your occupancy and reduce costs:

  • Fees are based upon reservations delivered
  • No long-term agreement, get on-line within 3 – 4 weeks
  • No franchise fees, royalty fees, required renovations, computer system requirements, supply requirements, etc..
  • A direct connection from your website to Parkside GDS System at no additional cost
  • One full page listing on the ACCOMSIAM CO., LTD & Solution at www.ACCOMSIAM CO., LTD.net  
  • All deposits, advance fees from the guests are collected by the hotel
  • No monthly minimum fees
  • Keep your own hotel identity

You have a unique opportunity to join the fastest growing hotel membership program, and ACCOMSIAM CO., LTD for a limited time, is offering a special incentive designed to help you to be part of the program.


On behalf of our member hotels, ACCOMSIAM CO., LTD distributes broadcast emails to over 40,000 global travel agents, all of which have requested to receive emailed information on hotel specials. Our broadcast emails include new hotel member

Introductions, Tour, Transfer, hotel special discounts and/or exclusive commission offers.


ACCOMSIAM CO., LTD feel you should be able to keep your hotel’s name if you wish and be able to benefit from the power of ACCOMSIAM CO., LTD & Solution Worldwide. One of the many benefits of this program allows you to keep your own identity by secondary brand positioning under the ACCOMSIAM CO., LTD & Solution Membership Program.


24 X 7 – Receive bookings from globally situated travel agents 24 x 7.

Connectivity – Connect seamlessly to the four global distribution systems - Sabre, Galileo, Amadeus and Worldspan.

Market Reach Online - Effective and easy way to market your hotel on the Internet. It is extensively used by travel agents and travel websites. .

Coverage - Gain more exposure to agents and travelers through proactive marketing to travel agencies, consortia and corporate accounts. Most common booking mechanism for consortia and negotiated corporate rates.

Expand Coverage - Expand reach to corporate and leisure travelers with special programs for year-round bookings, and for last-minute reservations.

Online Distribution Strategy – Opening out your inventory to new online distribution channels is an effective method to capture new market share.

Little maintenance effort required – The information provided to the central reservation system for your hotel chain or the representation company is copied automatically to the GDS.


ACCOMSIAM CO., LTD commitment to growing the ACCOMSIAM CO., LTD & Solution brand demonstrated through this program, which we feel is a winner with hotel owners / managers.


Look forward to hearing from you.




ACCOMSIAM CO., LTD will be placed with as many as 5000 internet travel websites AND the 4 major airline Global Travel Agency System, your reservation flow will increase substantially, allowing the hotels to select the clients that best suit your hotel, thus have a steady flow of reservations year round. And your hotel will also be listed with the Parkside Hotels & Resorts real-time reservations at www.ACCOMSIAM CO., LTD.net


In the past it was nearly impossible to accomplish the task of listing your hotel on the major travel agency GDS System, as well prohibitively expensive. Now it’s easy and affordable through the ACCOMSIAM CO., LTD & Solution.


Here’s what ACCOMSIAM CO., LTD does for you:


  1. List your hotel in the Airlines Global Distribution System ( GDS – Apollo / Galileo, Amadeus, Sabre and Worldspan ), which will place your hotel on the computer screens of more then 600,000 travel agents and travel planners in travel agencies all around the world.
  2. You’ll also get your hotel listed on as many as 5000 interactive Internet travel reservations website, enabling more than 100 million individual Internet users to find your hotel on sites like: Expedia, Travelocity, Lodging.com, Hotwire and Leisure Planet.
  3. You also get Live Reservation Capability, ACCOMSIAM CO., LTD have created a great website describing every aspect of your offerings to the traveling public, but to stay competitive, you need to offer live, real-time reservations and availability.
  4. GDS System and out of the main stream advertising markets. But, ACCOMSIAM CO., LTD & Solution created the solution, through the GDS System a single entry availability update calendar, with automated allocation, that you, the hotel owner or manager, can access on a daily basis to maintain your availability on a sold out / available basis. This GDS System updates all the calendar that feed the GDS System, Travel Agents and Travel Sites throughout the world simultaneously.
  5. Each ACCOMSIAM CO., LTD & Solution will receive it’s own individual GDS code to be used in the worldwide distribution.
  6. The fees for this kind of global visibility are only small fraction of what it would normally cost to connect your property to these 4 airline system and thousands of internet based sites. The reservation fees on the GDS System are based on performance based. ACCOMSIAM CO., LTD places you in as many as 5000 of these sites AND into the worldwide travel agency computer system.
  7. Your hotel will also be included in the Parkside website for real-time reservation at www.ACCOMSIAM CO., LTD.net to give you additional exposure.

 GDS and third party booking fees, as applicable, will be billed on a monthly basis and are due and payable upon receipt subject to timely corrections made to the billing based upon no-show, cancellations with the property or early check-outs. Travel Agents Fees may be billed directly to the property by the travel agencies/internet booking sites via the reservation confirmation ( refer to IATA number and travel agent name and address thereon) and member shall timely pay said fees directly to the travel agent/booking site according to the then applicable industry standard.

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